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Amplify Your Genius

Inspiring leaders of all ages
to have radical impact

Susan Mazonson - Inspiring leaders of all ages to have radical impact

Amplifying your genius means reconnecting to your own inner wisdom, passion, and flow to achieve your version of success on your terms.

Facilitated Experiences

Susan masterfully creates safe, trusted, transformative spaces for conversations designed for diverse groups of leaders and change-makers at all levels.


She works to harvest the collective wisdom present in the room to discover new possibilities for co-creation and collaborative ways of moving forward to help reimagine leadership and meet the challenges facing us in the 21st century.

Experiences include:
• Transforming Leadership from the Inside-Out
• Masterminds
• Midlife Café 
• Real Conversations That Matter @ Work
• Pathways to Purpose


Just for You Coaching

Susan offers individual transformational coaching for inspired leaders, change-makers, and bridge builders aspiring to transform themselves and their organizations.

She is a passionate ally helping uncover and overcome internal and systemic roadblocks so we can confidently avail our fullest selves toward identifying and realizing our vision. Now that’s radical!


"Susan is a cheerleader, a true coach, a trusted resource, always available for support. She has a really good style of coaching that Is both firm and gentle. 
It's quite empowering and open."

~ EMK, Vice President- Operations, Atlanta, Ga.


Susan's journey as a woman who cracked the code and mastered the corporate fast-track in America which led to her transformational awakening to the power of feminine leadership is both inspirational and prescient for our times.

As a speaker, Susan is a gifted storyteller who brings deep inner wisdom and natural warmth but it’s her commanding yet down-to-earth presence that hearts and minds can’t help but open up to.


Topics Include:
• Feminine Power And The Evolving Leadership Profile 
• When A Woman Is In Her Power, Everyone Around Her Rises
• Intergenerational Collaboration 




"Susan's guidance has enabled me to approach my vulnerability with courage, and has helped me to value myself  to be even more powerful in the world."

RL, Director of Business Development, Chicago, IL


Meet Susan

Transformation is the unifying thread of Susan's story. Susan brings to the table three decades of pioneering work as an entrepreneur helping major corporate clients transform in the face of industry disruption. 

Having undergone her own transformational awakening to the power of feminine leadership, Susan sees its integration in life and work as essential to meeting the challenges arising in the 21st century.

Susan brings others into the critical conversations needed to explore what this integrated leadership and intergenerational collaboration will look like. She helps to co-create the new solutions and platforms needed to transform and transcend our outdated systems that limit our ability to fully inhabit our lives and our work.


Amplify Your Genius

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